Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Why is Pakistan and the rest of the world losing war against Islamism?

One of the biggest challenges faced by Pakistan and the world at the moment is Islamist militancy.
However the overwhelming majority of the general public and a significant number of policy-makers are clueless about the nature of the conflict. The reasons are many including: a general lack of interest, inability to analyse rationally, narratives based on conspiracy theories, political correctness, the tendency to follow fashionable dominant narratives, state-sponsored propaganda narratives, as well as sectarian, political and other ideological biases.
Natrually, there can be no solution when the problem is misunderstood.
In the coming days, I intend to start a series to explore the undercurrents - particularly the theological and strategic aspects driving Islamist militancy and sectarian conflict.
Watch this space...

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